Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

Thanks for stopping by. Why have I started this Blog? Why not? I love writing and I love sharing the idiosyncrasies of daily life so a blog is the answer.

Through my Outsourced Communications Facebook Page I share a lot of what I learn every day about Social Media and Public Relations which are my work passions. Here I would like to share more about Life – which is everyone’s passion (I hope!)

So – what will I be sharing? Firstly, let me do a quick “in a nutshell” introduction. I am 40 something and married to a wonderful man who we shall call Chicken Man. No, he is not scared of me and everything that moves – he works in the chicken industry as a sales rep. Find me anyone who can rabbit on about their work more relentlessly and with more passion than him and I will tell you to direct that person to an asylum.

We have a teenaged daughter. I thank you for your commiseration and condolences. She who shall be called The Alien is the most precious (and perplexing!) thing in my life. I am hoping that we could share some ideas as to how to get through this experience for which no guidelines are given – parenting a teenaged daughter. All assistance will be gladly received.

That then is my little family. We live in Durban, South Africa and are ably managed by our 3 cats and a Fox Terrier dog. I am an avid reader and have a penchant for good wines, great friends and excessive laughter. Talking of which – I am sure I will be sharing a lot about the wine club I belong to. The Ama Glug Glug Wine Club. A better tonic has yet to be invented.

So stop on by anytime and let’s chat. I can’t promise to write something everyday and I do sometimes leave my computer to do work and wife and mommy type things but I will get back to you as soon as those chores are done.
Chat soon


  1. Alma I am most impressed and look I am the first person to comment on your blog! I know all this stuff so start putting up the juicy stuff you have not told us at Wine Club!

  2. Surely there can be nothing that the Wine Club ladies dont know about me?? Maybe there are things that I dont know about MYSELF that YOU can tell me about??