Thursday, September 29, 2011

Raising Teenagers is Like Nailing Jelly to a Tree

School holidays are starting tomorrow.  I have stocked up on wine and informed everyone who knows me that I am available for coffee/lunch/anything that will give me a couple of hours break from being a taxi driver with an onboard ATM and fast food outlet.

I have very generously offered the Alien a couple of really awesome activity options available during the holidays.  The ungrateful eye-rolling and “Ag Maaaa” was all the thanks I got.  Fine!

I have found a solution which will hopefully elicit at least an "Oh Cool" response from my darling Alien...


  1. Ha! Excellent, Alma! Anyway, remember to do a few mom-daughter special outings too...though your beautiful Alien will protest all the way, I am sure in her heart she would treasure it. Well...maybe not now, but if she is our age one day... : )

  2. Thanks Helen. Yes, I plan to have a few coffee dates with her. She has actually requested it. (shock, horror!) I do not allow her to drink coffee at home but allow her to have coffee when we go out for a sweet treat together - just us girls.