Who on Earth am I?

So, you found your way to my blog and for that I congratulate and thank you. I created this blog as a place to vent and to ask questions so any feedback is always welcome.

Who am I? Your average 40 something lady traipsing through life with the goal of achieving a perfect marriage, being a perfect mother, having a perfect company....you get the picture. I have clearly not achieved perfection in any of these things but I am jolly well going to carry on trying.

Let me introduce the very important people in my life as they will be mentioned in my vents and could sometimes confuse you. (hell – they confuse ME!)

Chicken Man – my husband. Called thus because he works in the chicken industry and I have to listen to him waxing on about trucks and portions and thighs and all that sort of chicken related stuff. Yawn

The Alien – my teenaged daughter. My sweet daughter was abducted upon hitting puberty and the replacement the Aliens sent me has quite a few fundamental flaws, coding issues and wiring problems. My requests for an upgraded model that can, oh let’s say, listen first time around and be able to survive without being plugged into an electronic device for long periods of time, has been ignored.

Gladys – the iron gladiator. My cleaning lady for the past 12 years.

Roxy – my overly devoted fox terrier.

3 cats - each with their very unique character flaws. They are officially named Candy, Patch and Cuddles but have many versions to their names dependant on how they behave.

Ama Glug Glug Wine Club – a group of 7 ladies who meet once a month to whine whilst consuming wine. They are my substitute for therapy and drugs.

So do pop over every now and again. I go through stages when I don’t write anything for weeks and then I could write 2 posts in 1 week. My posts are mostly light hearted but I do sometimes get serious (blame it on the red wine)

Thanks for reading! I look forward to your comments.
I am an Awesome South African